AntiWave Water Polo Goals

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  • The Polo Inflatable backstop provides protection of deck equipment such as starting blocks and fittings from wayward shots during water polo training and competition. The Backstop also provides an opportunity for display of advertising and competition branding. Includes provisions for banners across the front edge, as well as provisions for banners on the top side of the Backstop. Custom advertising Banners are available as an optional extra. Securely held into position by connection to the Polo Field lanes, includes attachment points on each end.
  • Formerly listed as the FlipFloat. The Senior Folding Goal 750 is a full-size competition floating polo goal, dimensionally the same size as the very popular Club goal, with the added benefit that IT FOLDS FLAT FOR STORAGE and weighs only 85 lb.  Meets all national and international specifications, and is easy to erect and fold down; just pull the Rear Arms out of their sockets, and the Front Frame folds down onto the Float Panels. That’s it!! Once folded, the goal can be carried easily by two people.
  • AWE393: The Anti Wave JNR Conversion Kit provides a simple and innovative solution for clubs to conver their existing SNR & Anti Goals to JNR Goal face dimensions in a matter of seconds. The Kit is secured to the Goals with supplied SS316 Wingnuts and once fixed firmly in place the Kit converts the SNR dimension Goals (3m x 0.9m Goal face) to JNR Dimension Goal Face.
  • Available in 1.2m (AWE392) and 1.4m (AWE394) goal depths. The 2021 release of the ‘Global Anti Goal’ represents the culmination of 50 years of experience in Goal innovation, design and production. The Global Anti Goal blends cutting edge materials and production with innovative design, resulting in a durable, full sized Polo Goal, perfectly suited to all Clubs and Polo facilities. The AWE394 is designed for use in top level competition events and pools that require the current FINA regulation side length (1.4m) and side anchor width dimensions (1080mm).
  • The Global Inflatable Goal Range blends high quality, durable materials and components with a compact and easy to transport and lightweight design. A durable and affordable inflatable option for polo clubs and pools for both training and competition. Models include SENIOR Polo, BEACH Polo, and JUNIOR Polo sizes; catering for Adult clubs as well as the very popular international FINA Beach Polo & also Jnr Habawaba Youth Polo competition formats. The goals include a tough Oversized PVC Carry Bag and High Volume Foot Pump. The Bag has enough space for a few extra balls and caps to be carried.
  • A smaller junior version of our new Global Anti Goal.  AWE390, 2.5m x 0.8m
  • Anti Wave Premium Water Polo Balls are produced to the highest specifications and are suitable for both training and competition. Available in Size 3, 4 and 5, and with a fresh range of color combinations for excellent visibility. Featuring premium materials for ultimate durability.
  • Combining unequaled form and function, the Odyssey floating goal is quite simply the finest water polo goal on the market.  It has been used in pools around the world since its introduction at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  As the standard for major competition or state-of-the-art facilities, the Odyssey is the only choice.  
  • The Splash Ball floating goal is a two-thirds size version of our very popular Club goal, with the added benefit that IT FOLDS FLAT FOR STORAGE and weighs 75 lb. The Splash Ball is the ideal recreational goal for kids’ games, practice, residential and club pools, or any location where a full-size competition goal is not needed. This goal is also great value for money!
  •   The Universal Wall Goal is the ideal choice for competitive water polo at any level, from local to international pools.  It is rugged, stylish and very cost effective.
    • AWE165 Universal Wall Goal, Short
    •  The Anti Wave Universal Wall Goal is designed to fit to a raised End Wall or on a Moveable Bulkhead.
    •  Configured to get the most out of restricted space and is excellent for training, social matches and for competition below the international level.
    • The Short Wall goal has dimensions closer to FINA Official size, better suited for training where mounted against Bulkhead.
    • Fabricated from powder coated aluminium extrusions and hand-laid fiberglass for durability and strength.
    • Net is tough polypropylene cord, knitted at every intersection.
    • Dimensions 124” x 23.62” x 40.35”
    • Comes with Red Net and Blue Canvas, optional replacement net in either Red or Black, Canvas can also be replaced
  • The Anti Polo Field combines the best of Anti Wave’s Polo products to create a Polo field that is at the forefront of design and quality internationally.

    Marked by the famous AntiWave Lanes to minimize water disturbance and wash effect on the players.

  • AntiWave Polo Startup Basket provides an efficient and accurate start to the game.  The system works by two pulleys which sit on the top of weights on the pool floor.  A rope runs from a deck pole through the pulleys on to the starting ring which holds the ball in place. At the start of play as the swimmers approach the ball, the ring is pulled under water and the ball released.
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