AntiWave Maximum and ForeRunner racing lanes, Mini lane dividers, and the Supertensioner are made and assembled in our factory in Constantine, Michigan. All other Kits and components are manufactured specifically for AntiWave under strict quality supervision.

We therefore extend to our customers on all AntiWave products a: 3-Year Warranty

If you encounter any problems, please contact the Dealer who sold the product, who will then contact AntiWave to resolve the issue promptly, and to your satisfaction. Warranty claims must be handled through your Dealer. We cannot accept goods returned without our approval. The Warranty applies to defects in manufacture or part quality, or omissions, attributable to AntiWave. Damage in transit from our plant to final destination is the responsibility of the freight company. The Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive Warranty program in our industry, unmatched by any other supplier of non-fitted competitive aquatic equipment.