Universal Wall Goal – Long


The Universal Wall Goal is the ideal choice for competitive water polo at any level, from local to international pools.  It is rugged, stylish and very cost effective.



  • Part number: AW0616
  • This is the goal that has been primarily supplied to USA market for several years.
  • All metal parts are made of durable white powder-coated aluminum for extra protection.
  • The net is of tough polypropylene cord, knotted at every intersection.
  • The canvas is a durable plain-woven fabric with a top layer of PVC that seals the threaded bottom layer, and makes for a smooth and glossy surface.
  • The Rear Arms are fully adjustable horizontally (up to 36″), and can be adapted to most existing deck anchor locations.  Two deck anchors are included with the goal.
  • Is supplied in kit form to minimize freight costs.
  • Can be assembled in approximately one hour by two people; each goal comes with a detailed assembly instruction sheet.
  • Comes with a limited 3-Year Warranty.
  • Dimensions 124” x 66.03” x 23.62” deep ( 10.3 ‘ x 5.5 ‘ x 1.96 ‘)

Important Reference Documents

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Universal Wall Goal When to use Short or Long Sm file

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