Pool & Water Polo Products

AntiWave offers recreational and competitive pool & water polo products ranging from swimming lanes and water polo goals & balls to lane storage reels and starting blocks. AntiWave pool products are built to last and offer industry leading performance and functionality.

Pool Lane Lines

AntiWave lane lines are designed to disperse waves and keep the water calm allowing swimmers better conditions and faster times.  

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Swimmer Starting Blocks

AntiWave Super 700, Super 400, and Junior 400 fiberglass starting blocks are made from top quality materials and easy to install. 

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Water Polo

AntiWave is a leading manufacturer of high performance water polo products including floating water polo goals, balls, and lanes. 

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Storage & Furniture

Lifeguard Chairs, Storage Bins

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Other Pool Products

Drainage grates, Pace clocks, and other pool products and accessories

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Parts and Accessories

Parts and accessories for Antiwave pool and water polo products

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