Ultimate Storage Reel

AntiWave’s Ultimate Storage Reel is among the largest capacity lane line reels on the market and is certainly the most reasonably priced. It is an easy, light weight, and cost effective solution to storing your racing lanes.



  • Storage Reel Size: 72″ high x 90″ long x 48″ wide  and Weight of 106 lbs
  • Made of durable white powder-coated aluminum.
  • All four wheels independently lock and rotate.
  • 6-inch diameter center spindle to reduce potential damage to the lane line discs.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with 3-Year Warranty.
  • Discount offered for purchase of certain quantity of lane lines along wtih Ultimate Storage reel. Ask your Dealer for details.
  • Please do not store your Storeel outside in cold weather (below freezing). Water can get into the assembly and cause warpage and expansion. We cannot be responsible for this damage.
  • Please ensure that swimmers and spectators do not place undue weight on reels or use them for anything other than storing lanes.  We cannot be responsible for damage in these cases.
  • Storage of lanes (Quantities of lanes denoted in parentheses)
    • Forerunner 4.75″ lanes – (9) 60′ lanes, or (8) 75′ lanes ,or (7) 25M lanes,  or(3) 50M lanes  –  Total of 492 linear feet up to 540 linear feet
    • Maximum 6″ lanes – (6) 60′ lanes, or (5) 75′ lanes, or (4) 25M lanes, or (2) 50M lanes – Total of 328 linear feet up to 360 linear feet

Option for purchase is protective mesh cover.

Storeel Specifications

Storeel Assembly Instructions

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