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Product Categories

Antiwave Pool Products are designed and manufactured to achieve the highest quality and performance.
Swim Lane Lines, Starting Blocks, Water Polo Goals

Swimming Lanes

Pool Lane Lines

Antiwaves’ pool lane lines have been used in the Olympics, and selected by universities and clubs throughout the world. The unique design help to reduce the water chop.

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Water Polo Goals and Equipment

Water Polo Goals & Equipment

Our line of Water Polo Goals will be a great addition to your club.  Several models and options are available offering high quality goals for recreational through professional levels.  We also offer Water Polo Balls, Starting baskets, and field lane lines.

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Swimmer Starting Blocks & Platforms

Swimmer Starting Blocks

Explore the AntiWave line of premium fiberglass swimmer starting blocks & platforms.

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Swimmer Starting Blocks & Platforms

Pool Accessory Storage, Lifeguard Chairs, Swimmer Pace Clocks

We manufacture products for around the pool too.  Lightweight Aluminum Lifeguard chairs and storage bins are highly functional and easy to move around.   Our Lifevest rack comes in a 32 and 64 capacity size and the recycled plastic construction means it will look great forever and never rot.  For the competitive swimmers we offer a standard pace clock and a portable version.

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Swimmer Starting Blocks & Platforms

Replacement parts and accessories for AntiWave products.

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